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Why HPA should be your First Choice Hotel Architects…

At HPA, we are trusted by a number of prestigious hotel chains as leading architects. We’re their first choice when it comes to new design, renovation, and refurbishment, we have the solutions they need. We believe we should be your first choice too, and here’s why…


Our team are experts at creating extra capacity, without compromising on quality for your guests. At Another Place, we remodelled the hotel to increase bedrooms from 19 to 40, while at Hipping Hall Hotel, we boosted capacity by 50%, enabling them to cater for larger weddings and corporate events.


From historic houses to National Park properties, HPA have vast experience of the Planning Process and can work closely with authorities to gain the Permission you need, that satisfies all stakeholders. We understand demands, and we work with them, to produce clear and informative Planning Applications.


Our team find creative ways to upgrade and enhance hotels within the confines of existing buildings. At Another Place, we found room for a 20 metre indoor pool, while at Hipping Hall we converted a Grade II Listed stables building into extra capacity for guests and conferences.


The process of working with Listed Buildings can be incredibly complex, with strict rules governing what you’re not allowed to do. HPAs understand this system inside out, able to help you make the most of your property within these restrictions – including interior refurbishment works, such as those we completed at the historic Royal Kings Arms Hotel, Lancaster.


HPA can also help you plan ways to add whole new facilities to your business. For example, at The Borough, we oversaw the conversion of a derelict floor and neighbouring building, to add a 9 bedroom wing to enhance the existing pub and restaurant facilities.


With so many prestigious projects in our portfolio, HPA have the experience you need to see solutions that others simply cannot see. We have worked within the sector for years, under many different circumstances, and we bring all of that expertise to your project or problem, delivering original, creative, and cost-effective plans to make ideas a reality.

Whatever you need for your hotel or hospitality, from new hotel design to Planning Permission advice, HPA are here to help. Talk to our friendly team today and see the difference our experience can make to your business.

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