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Using Design to Redefine The Workplace

Following the aftermath of a global pandemic, less people have decided to return to a physical workplace. It is undeniable that it’s simply easier to stay at home. However, for businesses, it is often critical to have time together, and we at HPA have learnt that a separated office can lead to miscommunications, a significant plummet in work efficiencies, loneliness, and stunted development in even the most experienced of staff.


No matter what the industry or profession, workplaces themselves need to become incentive enough. These spaces need to be transformed into environments that actually make people want to show up to an office or factory every weekday. So much so that they’re willing to travel and use these facilities daily.

Architecture can redesign and diversify original structures, replacing them with similar but enhanced utilities, definition, and optimised space. Employee feedback is also critical to architectural design, as it is necessary to understand what company staff are actually looking for when dedicating their time to a workplace, as well as what works for the business itself.


HPA specialise in both commercial and industrial architecture, with our team completing numerous projects that have revitalised the workplace. We, perhaps more than anyone, are aware that architecture isn’t just about designing buildings.

An overall enhancement of space can contribute to strengthening staff morale, and promoting an environment that people are proud to work within. Interesting and unique interior and exterior design is proven to provide happier and inspired work ethos, whilst also encouraging staff to discard remote working and return to the office.

One of HPA’s most recent projects where we used our architectural impact to successfully enhance modern workplaces was our work at Charter House, Lancaster. We transformed the given space into contemporary offices and an aparthotel (which is currently under construction), for the global company Silverdoor, in conjunction with TSK. This included upgrading the reception, social and entrance areas so there were more facilities readily available for all staff.

Marcus Angell, Managing Director of Silverdoor, adequately labelled the refurbishment as: “The most significant commercial office development (Lancaster) has had in years.

Prior to this, we’ve created a variety of manufacturing factories and commercial offices, including a facility for global underwater testing. The £5m facility was an opportunity to bring teams previously unaware of other’s skills together, simultaneously boosting product awareness throughout divisions.

Our process for creating spaces for business use is to first learn about individual cultures, what works and what doesn’t, and what company aspirations are moving forwards. We then collaborate with employees and clients to understand how this later design can enforce these changes, to improve standards of working and socialising.

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