Jia Yang - HPA

Jia Yang

BA(Hons) MArch (Hons)
Architectural Assistant

Jia joined HPA as architectural assistant during the summer of 2023. He holds a Master of Architecture (MArch) from the University of Liverpool, having previously earned a Bachelor of Architecture (BA Hons).

Prior to joining the team, Jia gained valuable experience through our work experience program in 2016.┬áJia’s university architecture team’s proudly achieved 2nd place in the TerraViva Competition in late 2020. This international competition pitted them against seasoned professionals and fellow students, challenging them to revolutionize traditional public spaces for enhanced social interaction and community engagement. Furthermore, his involvement in the Wales 4×4 Project in 2018 underscored his creativity, as he and his team successfully designed and constructed a pavilion in North Wales, earning accolades from the client for their exceptional design and build quality.

Jia has an incredible work ethic having balanced his studies with part-time positions.

We are enthused by his infectious enthusiasm for design. We are delighted to welcome him back to our team.

Jia Yang


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