Archie Price

Junior Architectural Technologist

Archie is HPA’s newest Junior Architectural Technologist for the next five years, whilst he studies at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) for his subsequent degree.

Archie assists HPA’s two lead technologists, Charlotte and Mike, with their individual projects – as well as supporting the practice and its architects with their own designs and survey work. Archie has divulged since that he finds this work positively challenging, with an office environment that is gratifying and exciting to work within. The guidance offered for students working inside of HPA has offered Archie a proactive and interesting approach to this working environment – he even noted that it’s made him want to pursue becoming an Architectural Technologist even more.

Archie’s day to day education at UCLan involves learning differences between bad and good building design and structures, and studying protocol onsite if there are complications with ground or levels, as well as how best to fix these problems. Additionally, Archie is also learning a lot about Passivhaus design, which promotes a better incentive to make the world a better place through architecture.

Archie has recently left college, and has opted to pursue his training as a Technologist inside of the busy, professional workplace that is HPA – learning invaluable professional skills and hands-on practice.


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