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Andrew Walters

BA (Hons) BArch AdipPPA RIBA & Certified Passive House Designer
Associate Director

Andrew has been working in practice since 2001, after graduating from the Manchester School of Architecture, and joined HPA in 2013.

During his time in practice he has worked on an array of projects, large and small, new and old. The detailed functional planning of hospital buildings, schools and factories such as the Noble Foods Egg Packing facility provided challenges in co-ordination of equipment layouts and circulation of people. The luxuriant facilities for the Forest Side Hotel required a different skill set in solving the problems presented during the refurbishment and re-planning of a large lake district stone building, whilst delivering the client’s vision for his guests. Heritage environments such as the South Tynedale Railway and Crich Tramway Museum required an understanding of both the client’s ambitions to create an environment that reflects another period in time, and the expectations of visitors.

Andrew’s expertise in the planning process is continually developing with recent permissions for large scale free range egg farms and agricultural workers dwellings in Lincolnshire and a new 18,400m2 food factory in Carlisle.

Andrew has a keen interest in creating healthy indoor environments through appropriate selection of materials and finishes, combined with the reduction of embodies carbon projects through building material specification. He advocates the use of traditional, locally sourced and natural materials with minimal processing, preferring a contemporary design style incorporating renewable energy technologies.

More recently, Andrew gained certification as a Passive House Designer to further his interest and understanding of energy efficiency in sustainable building.

Andrew Walters


Projects Involved In

Food Factory, Carlisle
The Forest Side Hotel And Restaurant
Noble Foods, Egg-Packing Facility
University of Cumbria
Stonegate, Egg-Packing Facility

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