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Soley Gate Lodge Planning Approved

We are delighted to share that planning has been approved for the new dwelling ‘Soley Gate Lodge’ in North Wessex. This property will be located at the entrance to Soley House, acting as a Gatehouse and security feature for the grand country home.

Located in a National Landscapes area, the design process for this proposed dwelling has involved careful consideration. By examining local materials and building styles, HPA have delivered a final design that sits comfortably within the area, giving the property the appearance of being long established.

CAD Drawing of Soley Gate Lodge

The traditional vernacular style of this dwelling includes a thatched roof and uses traditional brick and flint materials, reminiscent of the vernacular styles observed in the local area. Maintaining the scale and type of building that could be expected in a rural Wiltshire setting, the design respects the areas’ local character whilst complimenting the design of Soley House.

Although we are based in Lancaster, HPA have worked on properties across the country, studying local architecture carefully and embracing the challenge to adopt relevant vernacular design styles.

Computer Generated Image of Soley Gate House

HPA have also worked collaboratively with the Chartered Town Planners Steve Abbott Associates for this project, helping to achieve approved planning permission. This computer generated image of the proposed dwelling gives us a great visual for what the property will look like, and we look forward to the works commencing.

To read more about the work we have done in the housing sector, click here.

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