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Salt Ayre Decarbonisation Project Wins APSE Award

Recently, one of HPA’s projects, Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, won the APSE Award for ‘Best Climate Action or Decarbonisation Initiative.’ We worked closely alongside Lancaster City Council and all teams involved to make this decarbonisation project a reality.

This included planning, designing, providing technical advice, and leading the role of Principal Designer during construction stages – more of which can be read here. We’re all proud to have been involved in the success of such a celebrated and energy efficient scheme, with the work completed reducing council emissions by 35% – making Salt Ayre one of the first leisure centres in the UK to become carbon neutral.

Salt Ayre was funded £6.8 million by the government in order to complete the scheme, replacing gas boilers with heat pump systems, installing external LED lighting, and even creating a separate solar farm on a nearby disused landfill that generates electricity for the leisure centre in Morecambe.

The ASPE Awards 2022 (Association for Public Service Excellence) recognise and congratulate council achievements and the outstanding results provided in different services and sectors.

To read more about HPA’s involvement in Salt Ayre decarbonisation project, click here.

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