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Misconceptions About Technologists | Q&A

Charlotte Fenn (BSc Hons MCIAT) has been part of the HPA team since 2014, and qualified as a Chartered Architectural Technologist in 2018. We spoke with Charlotte to find out more about her role as an Architectural Technologist and the work she does at HPA.

What misconceptions are there about Technologists?

In my experience the title Architectural Technologist is generally unknown by the layman, I’m often asked to explain what I do and usually end up likening my role to that of an Architect, which, while an almost identical role, doesn’t quite reflect the background or specialisms of a Technologist. I believe this lack of understanding has led to the misconception that the capabilities of a Technologist are subordinate to that of an Architect: In reality, Architectural Technology is a regulated profession in its own right, many Chartered Technologists successfully manage their own practices and have provided services equally comparable to that of a Registered Practicing Architect.

At HPA there exists a positive culture where Technologists and Architects work side by side and are celebrated equally, allowing the natural integration of the technological and artistic specialisms of each profession to occur; enhancing and improving the skillset of each profession.

What have you learned during your time at hpa?

I’m always learning due to the variety of projects I work on, as well as and my involvement in all stages of a project. As technology progresses, I also get to use new software.

What do you enjoy about working at hpa?

A lovely bunch of colleagues of course! I enjoy working on a variety of project types, and the mix of domestic and commercial. I also like having a meaningful involvement at all stages of a project.

Do you have a favourite project you’ve been involved in?

Hammond School Dance Studios in Chester. The Hammond is a specialist Performing Arts School so the space is critical to their success, and I took the building from beginning to completion.

What do you think will change in design over the next 10 years?

Much more stringent Building Regulations requirements that will impose an environmentally friendly, fire safe, socially inclusive approach to architectural design.

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