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Preserving Heritage Railways: HPA’s Pioneering Work

In the realm of heritage railway architecture, HPA Architects stand as pioneers, leading sensitive regeneration and expansion projects across the UK. Our expertise in preserving, rebuilding, and seamlessly integrating facilities with their natural surroundings has earned us a distinguished reputation.

Sensitive Regeneration

HPA leads sensitive regeneration and expansion projects for heritage railways and various museums throughout the UK, such as the South Tynedale Railway.

Collaborating closely with clients, we optimize grant funding impact, employing creative solutions for budget-conscious projects.

The Art of Sympathetic Regeneration

One of HPA’s significant achievements lies in the restoration and expansion of the South Tynedale Railway. Established in 1983, this narrow-gauge steam railway has become a beloved heritage and conservation attraction, traversing a picturesque five-mile stretch between Alston and Slaggyford, to the east of Carlisle. HPA were entrusted with the monumental task of revitalizing this beloved heritage attraction. Under the guidance of Lead Architect Andrew Walters, the team preserved, rebuilt, and seamlessly extended the station facilities.

Creative Solutions and Budget Consciousness

With an understanding of the Heritage Lottery Funding process, we optimized grant funding impact, ensuring that the project stayed within its budget. Despite a reduction in grant funding, our innovative designs and strategic interventions ensured a lasting impact on the Railway.

Preservation at Alston Station

At the Grade II listed Alston Station, we provided a modest extension to enable the provision of a café, echoing the existing architectural style. The extension facilitated the improvement of the internal efficiency of the existing building, harmoniously blending old and new. Additionally, a new station canopy was installed, reflecting the period.

HPA worked with the project team to install a modern, environmentally friendly bio-mass boiler to heat all parts of the station, helping South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society to protect the future as well as the past.

Empowering volunteers; The Engineering Workshop

At the heart of the South Tynedale Railway are its dedicated volunteers. The HPA team refurbished the workshop building and introduced a new viewing deck, allowing visitors to witness the meticulous work that goes into maintaining the trains and preserving this unique piece of history.

Slaggyford Station Restoration

At the opposite end of the line, the historic waiting room at Slaggyford Station was revitalized, and a new toilet block added. The existing building was carefully dismantled and reconstructed using original fixtures and fittings, preserving the authentic ambience. The team worked with the client, using archive images to build a replica of the old signal box and level crossing.

Collaboration and Expertise

HPA worked hand-in-hand with specialists, engineers, and conservation experts to execute the project. Whether it was the rehabilitation of the engineering workshop, or the recreation of the signal box, safety and authenticity were paramount.

Awards for Sustainable Tourism

The completion of the project has garnered accolades for the South Tynedale Railway, particularly in the realm of sustainable and ethical tourism. This serves as a testament to our commitment to understanding their client’s needs and delivering with finesse.

HPA’s work on the South Tynedale Railway stands as an admirable example of how heritage can be preserved and enhanced with sensitivity and innovation. Our ability to balance conservation with expansion, all while adhering to budget constraints, showcases our expertise in the field of heritage railway architecture.

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