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Planning Success for Sands Lane Housing

We are pleased to announce that planning permission has been approved for the construction of 12 new dwellings on Sands Lane, in the village of Warton.

This site, located in a National Landscapes area, has been carefully designed to take full advantage of the scenery, with the rear of the houses directly facing Warton Crag Nature Reserve.

HPA’s approved plan details a range of properties, from 2 bedrooms to 5, with a mixture of detached and semi-detached houses. Some of these include affordable units, and help meet the Housing Needs within the Warton Parish area.

This plan has been appropriately designed to the locality of the existing area. The eaves and ridge heights of the buildings have been lowered, particularly where the topography of the land rises. The dwellings will utilize materials which are prevalent in the area, constructed using predominantly stone with slate roofs – giving the houses a modern layout, but vernacular exterior.

Housing Experience

We acted as both Architect and Planning Agent on this project, combining specialist knowledge with past, successful experience in major housing sites. This project marks the third major housing site HPA have gained planning permission for, creating spaces that sit within the existing, natural area.

Other similar projects include Moss Bank Place and Warton Grange Farm.

Read more about our work in the Housing sector, here.

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