Tailored Manufacturing Building design solutions

HPA have ample experience in designing manufacturing spaces for various commercial sectors. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their precise needs and business philosophies, whether it’s staff welfare, sustainability, or ecological considerations. We are interested in designing facilities that foster high staff retention rates, addressing a common challenge in the industry.

For refurbishment projects, we are capable of managing construction while maintaining uninterrupted operations and adhering to rigorous health and safety standards. HPA deliver upgraded, refurbished, or new-build facilities that consistently exceed expectations and create places that reflect a business’s ethos.

Efficient solutions for the Food Industry

Specialising in warehousing and logistics for food producers and packagers, we understand the urgency and precision needed in this sector and the demands of a highly regulated industry. Our collaborative approach connects clients with consultants, engineers, process designers, and equipment suppliers. We also handle planning, regulations, environmental concerns and prioritise safety and compliance.

We meticulously plan coordination of production equipment, conveyors, utilities, and ventilation. Projects such as the UK’s largest egg-packing facility in Standlake Oxfordshire, for Noble Foods attest to our abilities. We have also provided feasibility studies for one of the UK’s largest food producers.

Innovative Architectural Design for Science and Technology

HPA’s knowledge within the science and technology sector is marked by our collaboration with major blue-chip companies. Our portfolio contains specialist projects including research and development facilities, laboratories, and advanced manufacturing sites. Notable clients include world leading polymer producer and a prominent sonar equipment manufacturer.

Elevating Workspace Environments

In the realm of commercial property design, HPA stand as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes. Our capability extends to the office sector, where we have successfully completed design projects for a range of employers, delivering solutions tailored to particular needs and aspirations.

We offer new-build office design and transformation of existing spaces, focussing on creating inspiring workplaces that foster productivity and efficiency.