School and Early Years

HPA’s diverse portfolio span institutions of all sizes, encompassing specialised spaces such as contemporary classrooms, nursery schools, IT hubs, staff offices, and medical facilities We’re privileged to serve a range of clients, including private schools, academies, and local authority institutions.

With over two decades of collaboration, HPA successfully assisted with the redevelopment of Westholme Preparatory School. This entailed merging two campuses, establishing a new primary school for 200 students, and enhancing shared facilities. This exemplifies HPA’s competence in educational facility design and dedication to creating environments that foster learning.

Colleges and Further Education

Our skilled team has been instrumental in designing renowned colleges across the country. We’re well-prepared to guide institutions through the hurdles of rising student numbers and the growing need for academic and vocational expertise. Addressing the surge in apprentices entering college education, HPA melds commercial and educational insights to shape adaptable spaces.

Noteworthy is our leadership in designing Furness College’s £3.4 million Advance Manufacturing Technology College, arming students with sought-after skills for the region’s top employers.

University and Higher Education

HPA is a committed ally in realising colleges and universities’ growth goals, be it innovative learning environments, comfortable residences, or crucial infrastructure. Our long-standing partnerships, spanning years, speak volumes about our skill in designing for multi-campus institutions on large grounds.

Our endeavours for the University of Cumbria included a cutting-edge arts hub at the Lancaster campus, featuring classrooms, recording studios, media suites, and an art gallery. Additionally, we contributed a modern sports arena at the Carlisle Campus.

Performance Arts

HPA are proficient in crafting creative spaces, especially performing arts venues and high-capacity theatres. The Hammond School in Chester now houses a purpose-built performing arts facility with high-space dance studios, featuring full-height glazing, sprung floor, and ballet barres. We prioritised passive ventilation for sustainability and cost effectiveness.


At HPA, our skill lies in the art of creating places that are tailored to enhance peak athletic performance.

Within the expansive realm of sport, our ventures have taken us from the construction of a cutting-edge sports pavilion for Dallam School in Cumbria to the development of a versatile sports hall and an adjoining fitness suite at the University of Cumbria, showcasing our commitment to excellence in sport facility design.