Community Spaces and Public Buildings

Our portfolio spans varied community spaces, from halls to museums, where we reimagine the use of existing structures.

We are proficient in supporting charities in gaining planning permissions for projects.

Unlocking funding potential

We have a proven record in assisting clients, especially churches and dioceses, in securing grant funding for building projects.

Our deep familiarity with various grant-funding agencies and their criteria has been instrumental in bringing numerous projects to fruition.

Supporting Charities and Voluntary Organisations

Working closely with charities and voluntary organisations, we develop plans and secure planning approvals for new-build ventures, as well as extensive refurbishments and extensions.

Our contributions often play a pivotal role in bolstering substantial fundraising campaigns, paving the way for these transformative projects.

Promoting inclusive Architectural Design

We are committed to making historic buildings compliant with modern accessibility laws and equality regulations. This includes advising on accessible entrances, lifts, and restrooms, along with an array of facilities for individuals with disabilities.

In new-builds we specialise in designing spaces tailored for older demographics, including Extra Care residences and housing that aligns with industry design standards.