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National Planning Policy – Making Words Become a Vision

The National Planning Policy Framework sets parameters which shape plans and decisions made by Local Planning Authorities.

One part of particular interest to us is Paragraph 80, part E which sets out the need for isolated homes in the countryside to be “of exceptional quality”. But what does this mean in practice?

Our experience has taught us that new development must complement the character of both the proposed development site and the wider local area to truly enable them to make a positive contribution.

Understanding a place

To allow us to design buildings, places and spaces that can do this, our first steps in every project involves digging down into this defining character. We do this by studying buildings in the local area, exploring historic maps and plan forms, surveying local landscapes, investigating biodiversity networks and by looking at local materials and underlying geology.

Jess Barrow our Heritage and Planning Consultant suggests that “This knowledge bank gives us the bones from which we can begin designing a development which will blend seamlessly with its surrounding environment, whilst also uplifting the architectural quality of a place.”

Kemple Barn

Lancashire House, designed by HPA

Working collaboratively

Our Planning & Heritage Team work closely alongside our Architects throughout this process to ensure that we can clearly articulate this journey with Local Planning Authorities. Our Planning & Heritage Team’s understanding of national and local planning policy requirements help us understand how and where enhancements can be provided within the scheme.

This collaboration across the disciplines in the office combined with our focus on sustainability and listening approach has led to successful applications across the north.

For examples of our recent housing click here.

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