My Vision for the RIBA National Council – Abigail Patel - HPA

My Vision for the RIBA National Council – Abigail Patel

Abigail Patel, architectural assistant at HPA, is running for election at the RIBA National Council. Here, she shares her election statement which calls for more to be done to address inequality and encourage diversity.

I am a Post-Part 1 Architectural Assistant at HPA, a medium sized practice in Lancaster. I studied my Part 1 at The University of Edinburgh and will be starting my Part 2 at The Manchester School of Architecture in September 2017.

I believe it is crucial to consider the role of the RIBA within the coming year, following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. In the next two years of Brexit negotiations, I hope to act as a strong voice within the student community, ensuring that the work being carried out by RIBA is communicated to all student members.

My aim is to support, and build upon, the progress that is being made by the RIBA post-referendum, ensuring that all students – who are the future of the profession – will have a strong and bright future within the UK.

Personally, I am interested in understanding the progress of the architectural profession. Whilst great improvements have been made over recent decades to respond to issues of inequality and disparity, it’s clear that there is still lots more work to do.

My aim is to represent the underrepresented and ensure that the industry’s future is as diverse and engaging as work that we create. I believe it is important that we continue to acknowledge the financial implications that the lengthy architectural education has upon students. As a council member I would look to engage in conversations about the Part 1,2 and 3 educational systemising and how this can be adapted to benefit students of all backgrounds, so funding is put to best use.

My aim is to guarantee that all students have equal opportunities to produce great work and be able to confidently move forward with encouraging prospects about their future. I foresee my own potential in the profession as being strongly influenced by the RIBA and the opportunities it provides.

In this way, I would like to become a clear, strong voice within the architectural community and use this opportunity to encourage others to take advantage of all the benefits the RIBA has to offer.”

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