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Monumental Window Completed at The Samling Hotel

We’re excited to share a sneak preview of the new and exciting space located at The Samling Hotel, Windermere, that we have helped create for our Client.

The prominent feature of the recently refurbished Dutch Barn is its new monumental window, standing at 2.1m x 8.4m, to create panoramic views overlooking Lake Windermere and its surrounding landscape. The overall completion of the window took 4 months, with HPA working closely with RG Parkins as Structural Engineer, and Duckett Ltd as Contractor, to ensure that the large sheet of glass was installed safely and securely.

Alongside this, HPA worked diligently to guarantee a smooth and swift project completion, by handling construction tender details, adapting the current building plan, and sourcing the glass from Livingwood Windows. We have refurbished and retrofitted part of the building’s structure as a series of improvements across the site, benefitting its sustainability and building performance.

The window is now a coveted viewpoint for guests and visitors, offering stunning and immersive visuals of the Lake District. The space will be utilised as a function room, overlooking Windermere, and it is just one of the many projects HPA are proud to have completed for the award-winning Samling Hotel .

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