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Lancaster Architects Go the Distance for Charity

Two Lancaster architects got on their bikes to lend support to a charity that helps young people break into the profession. Zoe Hooton and Richard Woolridge, directors of HPA, cycled 160 miles between Liverpool and Penrith to raise £850 for the RIBA Hardship Fund.

The charity supports students experiencing financial hardship during their studies to become an architect.

Zoe said: “I was lucky enough to receive the funding from RIBA myself when the recession hit and I was a full time student in London. I want to give others the chance that I was given through the programme; anyone dreaming of becoming an architect should have the opportunity to do so.”

Richard added: “I joined the cycling team, not only to be challenged, but to support the fundraising efforts as both a RIBA National Councillor and a member of the North West Regional Council. It’s a really good cause and we need to support the students who bravely embark upon the training to be an architect. We need to support the new recruits to our profession, especially in these days of ever increasing tuition fees and spiralling student debt.”

The RIBA Hardship Fund, set up in 1997, aims to help students gain experience in architecture, providing grants to support young people in education and reduce student dropout rates.

To meet the rest of the team at HPA, click here.

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