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HPA To Assist With Freemasons’ Masonic Hall

HPA are set to assist Morecambe Freemasons with the future planning and redesign of the town’s central Masonic Hall – which has served for over a hundred years as a meeting point for Freemasonry.

This reinvented space will provide the local masonic lodges with a modernized residence in which to hold social events and connect as a community. HPA will aim to rationalize the building space and improve upon its accessibility, making it a welcome and inviting location for all members. This will include a reconfiguring of the initial banquet hall for extra capacity, enhancing of décor and extending its occupancy for larger gatherings.

The Freemasons themselves have a rich and detailed history not only within Morecambe, but globally dating back over three hundred years. In more recent years, the Freemasons have been consistent in their promotion of works and donations to a variety of charities.

Now, aided by HPA in this upcoming project, subject to planning permission, the Freemasons will have a fully accessible, revitalized site in which to host meetings and special occasions. Inspired by its historical significance as the main location for the organization itself, HPA will ensure its preservation moving forward and retaining the hall’s integrity and character.

For more information about HPA’s work in the community sector, click here.

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