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HPA to Assist with Building Improvement Works To Help Lancaster City Council Cut CO2 Emissions

Lancaster City Council is to spend around £1million on improving the energy efficiency of its buildings as part of ambitious plans to make its services net zero carbon by 2030.

The council declared a climate emergency in January 2019 and since then has made great strides in cutting its carbon emissions.

In the latest move the council will install new measures at 10 more buildings: Lancaster Town Hall, Morecambe Town Hall, CityLab, Maritime Museum, Lancaster City Museum, Old Fire Station, Palatine Hall, The Platform, White Lund Depot and Ryelands House.

Works will vary depending on the property but will include a mixture of LED lighting, air and ground source heat pumps, upgraded insulation, secondary glazing and solar PV. Together it is estimated that these measures could save up to around 133 tonnes of CO2 each year from natural gas and reduce electricity consumption by as much as 231,000 kWh, equivalent to running 80 average homes for a full year.

The project is being funded by the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS), money from which has already successfully paid for the decarbonisation of Salt Ayre Leisure Centre. HPA worked as Principal Designer on this project which delivered a 2,880 panel solar farm, a bespoke two-stage heat pump system, new glazing and LED lighting.

Along with a new green energy tariff this means Salt Ayre is now one of the first leisure centres in the country to become carbon neutral. This project alone has reduced the council’s emissions from natural gas by 35% and the project has recently received praise from its funders as being “exemplary scheme” which will be used as a case study for other sites across the country.

HPA are excited to continue to work alongside the council on this next phase of greening up works following on from our successes with LCC at Salt Ayre.

We are using our existing knowledge and experience to advise LCC about retrofitting new technologies and improving the thermal performance of listed buildings to help make meaningful, sustainable improvements across the city.

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