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HPA Lime Course Training Day

HPA’s specialist conservation team recently took a trip out of the office to participate in a lime practical training day. This covered most conservation principles, including the importance of specification, research, and practical application of lime in its differing forms.

Using lime mortar to point buildings is a traditional technique, used in most properties built prior to 1919. It was utilised historically as it was strong, durable, but softer than the host masonry used in common building. Lime mortar allows moisture to move through solid-walled structures, creating what is later defined as ‘breathable’ buildings.

Our team spent a day at Eden, in Cumbria, where they refined their technical knowledge of lime pointing, as well as getting to try their hand at the process too. This was overseen by local leading supplier, Tim Wells, from Eden Hot Lime Mortar, who provided our staff with additional knowledge, familiarising themselves with the different materials and qualities, before pointing section rigs of walls. The ability to handle lime is extremely useful to understand the physical implications for details and specifications that HPA propose on projects.

The day was followed up with a review of numerous church towers, inquiring into the application of render and rainwater shedding. Training was concluded with a tour by Clach Conservation at Carlisle Castle Keep, where the team learnt approaches to preserving stone fabric.

Practical training days like these, both in and out of the office, are invaluable to staff’s professional development. This commitment to refining and expanding existing knowledge is a longstanding culture within HPA – this dedication to learning and improvement extends across all sectors of our company.

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