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HPA Celebrates One year of Westholme Prep Schools Completion

HPA Celebrates 1 Year of Westholme’s Prep School. Established in 1923, Westholme boasts a rich history as a preparatory school for girls, originally situated in the Wesleyan Chapel, Blackburn. Expanding over the years, the school now serves 700 students aged 2-18.

Initially spread across three separate sites – Wilmar Lodge (Senior School), Beardwood House (Junior School), and Billinge House (Nursery and Infant School) – we partnered with Westholme to consolidate operations onto a single, enhanced campus.

Notably, the Art and Music blocks, once standalone structures, underwent a transformation under the guidance of our architects. By seamlessly extending and connecting these buildings, we created a new Primary School on the Wilmar Lodge site. This new facility now accommodates the Pre-School, Infant School, and Junior School, previously dispersed across different locations.

12-months after completion of the project, HPA conducted final inspections to identify and rectify any issues. We are delighted to confirm the successful conclusion of this phase, marked by issuing our final certificate. The team is overjoyed to witness first-hand the positive impact our work has had on enhancing both the educational facilities and community spirit at Westholme Prep School.

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