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Hotel Architecture – The Best of Both Worlds

There is an undeniable charm to staying in a traditional Lakeland hotel, rich in history and crafted to match magnificent locations using local slate and stone. Yet, despite this love of tradition, visitors expect a blend of character and comfort. Bringing these traditional buildings up to modern standards is never easy. Keeping charm and character, while introducing modern interiors takes real skill, subtlety, and sensitivity.

That’s where forward-thinking hotel architects, like HPA, come into our own. Our specialist team know how to develop older buildings in a way that keeps them in harmony with both their existing environment and modern expectations. Recently, we’ve been proud to be part of two great examples of this process, at the Forest Side and Another Place.

Forest Side Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel Refurbishment HPA Lancaster

Built in 1853 as a gentleman’s residence, Forest Side is a classic slate and stone Cumbrian country house. Sadly, by the time the building was acquired by current owners, it had fallen into dilapidation. Nonetheless, they were able to see potential and imagine how, fully restored, it could return to its former glory.

Forest Side engaged HPA to create Plans for the conversion to modern hotel, and the project was led by director Richard Parker and led by architect Andrew Walters, who possesses expertise in leisure. He oversaw a wide range of improvements, including the replacement of the old, institutional windows that spoiled the look of the building. The replacements are a great example of blending old and new, transforming the hotel into a success, with Victorian style sash windows, double glazed to the highest standards of insulation.

Using traditional materials, locally sourced for authenticity, HPA created a wide range of changes, including some that literally raised the roof to transform cramped servant’s quarters into spacious rooms offering amazing views. Thanks to our input, Forest Side Hotel and Restaurant is enjoying a new lease of life – one that respects and preserves its rich heritage.


Architects Lancaster Building Design

Nowhere is our delicate blend of old and new, traditional and modern, more apparent than at Another Place, The Lake. A brand new hotel on the shores of Ullswater, it was voted  ‘Outstanding New Hotel’ at the 2018 Independent Hotel Show Awards. Led by HPA director, Zoe Hooton, the project saw the restoration and conservation of a classic Georgian building and the creation of a crisp, modern extension to house a swimming pool, restaurant, and additional rooms.

Hotel renovation is all about knowing what to take and what to keep, and at Another Place, this meant removing over 60 aging brass chandeliers, but retaining classic touches like ornate fireplaces and decorative ceilings.

Now, the hotel has 40 bedrooms, split between traditional country house and a new contemporary wing, offering guests an ideal balance between Cumbria’s past and ever-growing future as a tourist destination.


HPA are able to handle projects of such sensitivity because we understand The Lake District and what it means to visitors and residents alike. We have a great deal of experience in hotel architecture and full understanding of the Planning Process and restrictions within Areas of Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites. We also respect traditions that we are entrusted with, but emphasise with expectations of modern guests. Combining these two elements, in inspired designs, is where our experience really makes a difference, creating hotels and private homes that everyone can enjoy.

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