Director appointed as RIBA Examiner - HPA

Director appointed as RIBA Examiner

Zoe Hooton, one of our Architect Directors at HPA Chartered Architects, has been appointed as one of the RIBA North West Part 3 examiners.

The RIBA Part 3 is the advanced Diploma in Professional Practice. It is the last stage of Architectural education in the UK and is concerned with assessing applied knowledge and skill in relation to professional conduct and competence to practice as an Architect.

The title ‘Architect’ is protected by law in the UK under section 20 of the Architects Act.  It can only be used by someone who has had the education, training and experience needed to join the Architects Registration Board. It takes a minimum of 7 years to qualify as an Architect.

Zoe has been a Professional Studies Advisor for the RIBA for the last 2 years. The appointment of examiner exemplifies Zoe’s passion for education and mentoring within the profession.

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