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Commercial Creativity at HPA

Alongside our innovative projects for residential market, leisure industry, and education sector, HPA also has substantial expertise in commercial architecture. This area – perhaps more than any other – presents unique challenges and opportunities, as we cater for specific needs of a wide range of operations (from polymers to egg packing).


Our team thrive on the variety and complexity of each new challenge they face. From designing a state of the art sonar manufacturing facility, complete with deep water testing tank, to creating rural business units that blend with their environment within a National Landscapes area, there are no off-the-shelf solutions in the commercial world. Our Architects work closely with each Client to ascertain exact specifications, then meet these objectives in the most appropriate, original, and aesthetically pleasing way.


Of course, great commercial architecture is about more than just form and function. We understand there are many other elements that need to be considered within final design. The majority of modern businesses are obliged to deliver goals in an environmentally-friendly way that is energy efficient and minimises waste. Buildings need to make a statement to the outside world, while also looking after the health and wellbeing of those inside.


Whilst every project is different, they all share high standards of innovation and imagination, practicality and purpose. At HPA, we work hard to design stimulating workspaces, because whether your staff work in offices, research labs, on food production lines, or in packaging plants, we believe that everyone deserves an inspiring environment.

We must be getting something right, because HPA have been trusted with an impressive number of large scale commercial projects in recent years, with budgets running into the millions of pounds. From a £6.5M headquarters for a major multi-national manufacturer, to a £10.5M packaging plant; from a £5M factory, to a flagship £55m mixed-use development in the heart of Lancaster. At HPA, we make it our business to understand your business, producing designs that deliver on every level, for you, your workforce, and your stakeholders.

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