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Squire House

Squire House is a six bedroom replacement dwelling located within the Forest of Bowland National Landscape. The house replaces a farmhouse which used to stand onsite, and is a modern twist on a traditional building form.

The family home was designed specifically for the owner’s specific spatial requirements, and also as a ‘Zero Carbon’ house. The space and water heating is provided by solar panels and a wood chip boiler system.

The structure is a hybrid of a traditional oak frame with a modern timber panel external skin, clad in cedar. The footprint for the house is over 650 square metres.

The walls, roof, floor, and windows are insulated to around twice the level required in the building regulations at the time of construction. The house is built to a high standard of air tightness which is close to those found in a Passivhaus. Many of the materials used in the construction of the house are from sustainable sources, or can be recycled.

The house was shortlisted for a RIBA Award.

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