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Silverdale House

HPA worked alongside their client on a rural timber frame house. The project stands as a testament to HPA’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and design while harmonising with the natural beauty of the Arnside & Silverdale National Landscape.

The building boasts a contemporary and high-quality design that draws inspiration from its agricultural surroundings. HPA took great care in ensuring that the design aligned with the values of sustainability and accessibility with the goal of the project being to create a future-proof, forever home for the clients whilst simultaneously respecting the local environment.

One of the primary considerations in this project was to integrate the building seamlessly into the local landscape. To achieve this, HPA adopted a room-in-roof design, allowing for a two-storey layout with a reduced roof height. This design choice enabled the building to nestle comfortably within the landscape, much like a traditional barn. By utilising a dark, timber to clad the building externally, HPA ensured that the structure blends harmoniously with the agricultural buildings and arts and crafts detailing prevalent in the Silverdale area.

With sustainability at the heart of the project, HPA incorporated an air source heat pump and solar panels into the design to achieve an impressive EPC A rating. These features not only reduce the environmental footprint of the home but also lead to significant cost savings for the homeowners.

Moreover, our specially treated glazing was strategically chosen to maximise heat efficiency, contributing to lower overall running costs and reduced environmental impact.

HPA takes immense pride in contributing to the architectural landscape of the wider Lancaster area, including Silverdale and its surrounding areas and this project demonstrates our dedication to quality craftmanship and contemporary design but also highlights our commitment to preserving the natural beauty and character of this outstanding region.


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