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Merchants 1688

The Merchants 1688 is a bar and restaurant located in a Grade II listed building in the historic Castle quarter of Lancaster.

Originally a warehouse, the building dates from the 18th Century and evidence of its use has been found in directories from 1852, declaring Richard Hinde as a wine and spirit merchant. Small traces of  this name can also be found painted around the stones of the building. The Merchants is located in the large stone barrel vaulted cellars of 29 Castle Hill; local myths talk of these vaults leading to trap doors in the Castle.

HPA were delighted to assist The Merchants with their recent refurbishments and designed a bespoke bar with storage areas.  The design of the bar focused on creating an attractive focal point that is in keeping with the history of the building, but still provides the “wow factor” and a contrast between old and new.

The upgraded cladding to the bar is hand-crafted from timber to add visual depth and texture. Storage is cleverly incorporated as a feature with floating boxes that minimise fixings to the fabric of the Listed Building.

Photos: Merchants 1688.

Click here to visit The Merchants 1688.

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