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This exciting housing project for a private homeowner saw HPA design a contemporary replacement dwelling on the shores of Windermere. The brief was to create a home that celebrated the stunning views of the lake, offering large volumes and high ceilings to emphasise the space and openness of the site.

Our proposal was to replace the existing two-storey dwelling with a modern and unique building created by a series of ‘boxes’ that lightly touch the landscape and give the appearance of tree houses.

Utilising a natural palette of stone, slate and timber, each of the ‘boxes’ has a green roof and sits staggered to the previous box. This stepped massing reduces the home’s visual impact on the surroundings and has the added benefit of minimising excavation work needed on site.

The design provides four spacious bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen, dining and living space, as well as more formal dining and living rooms.


HPA also gained Planning Permission for a new replacement boathouse for the housing project as the previous structure was damaged during floods. The new boathouse also has a contemporary palette to match the new housing project and has been designed to resemble a boat on Windermere.

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