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Escape2Make Architecture Youth Group

Escape2Make architecture group

Escape2Make is a charity that supports 11-18-year-olds in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, with the intention of providing a safe and fun space for teens to escape the boredom, monotony and loneliness of any school or home pressure through a variety of workshops and courses.

HPA have been collaborating with Escape2Make to create an Architecture Youth Group, designing workshops where young people can channel innovative ideas, find new friends and make a difference in our community. The vision of this group is to engage teens with architecture and the environment around them, whilst providing the freedom to express designs for new projects.

These sessions allow for our architects to adopt mentorship roles, having successfully assisted three teens attend university, five students with current university applications, and a work experience placement already arranged. This is an important part of the work we at HPA do with Escape2Make, with the drive to make architecture accessible for all.

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