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Christ Church, Lancaster

HPA assisted Christ Church, Lancaster, with a restoration project that would see the church bells ringing again after more than three decades.

The bell tower at the Grade II Listed Christ Church, which dates back to 1857, underwent a refurbishment which included repairs to the church bell fittings and the re-erection of a second bell which fell in 1984. The restoration work meant both bells could be hung on new fittings for swing chiming. This traditional bell ringing method is considered to make a superior sound to the stationary technique previously used at Christ Church.

The Christ Church vicar, Reverend Phil Hudd, added: “When I took over the parish I was told that the second, larger bell had fallen in the 1980s due to deterioration of the bell housing, so the work is great news for both the church and church-goers.”

The timber louvres, which ventilate the North spire where the church bell is located, and the floor to the bell chamber also underwent replacement and maintenance to stop water getting in and preventing the risk of future decay.

“This is an important restoration and conservation project that will protect the church for future generations. The bell tower structure dates back 160 years so over time the structural work has eroded, but the project means the two bells will be reunited within the bell tower for the first time in decades and the refurbishment work will keep them ringing for many more years to come.” – Zoe Hooton, Director, HPA.

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