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Designing a positive legacy for the future is one of our core principles at HPA. We are well versed in the art of creating energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings that go well above and beyond statutory requirements. Whether it’s a new-build or refurbishment project, our experts can advise you on achieving a sustainable building design.


From the specification of sustainable materials that have a minimal environmental impact, to providing a building form that allows you to minimise carbon emissions and lower energy bills, HPA has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Low-carbon buildings

We provide architectural services that allow our clients to achieve high levels of environmental performance. Whether it’s low-carbon luxury homes, sustainable affordable housing development, or energy efficient manufacturing facilities, we can advise you on the best solution.

Eco-build and eco-retrofit

From large scale developments to one-off luxury homes, our eco-build experts have the knowledge of the technologies that will help you achieve the highest levels of sustainable living. We also advise our clients on improving the environmental performance of existing buildings through eco-retrofit projects, for example, upgrading heating and lighting systems, or improving the building fabric.

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