Our aim is to deliver the highest-performing buildings that will leave a positive legacy

We use our knowledge and experience to guide our clients to make informed choices and commission projects that will positively impact the environment, support the health and wellbeing of our communities, invest in the local economy, and protect the biodiversity of our natural landscapes.

Designing a positive legacy

Designing a positive legacy for the future is one of our core principles at HPA. We are well versed in the art of creating energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings that go well above and beyond statutory requirements.

Whether you are building low-carbon luxury homes, a sustainable affordable housing development, or energy efficient manufacturing facilities, our specialists will advise on the best solutions to achieve high levels of environmental performance.

From the specification of sustainable materials that have a minimal environmental impact, to providing a building form that allows you to minimise carbon emissions and lower energy bills, HPA has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.


Passivhaus & RIBA climate challenge

As responsible sustainability consultants, we are committed to continuous improvement and invest in environmental training.

Our Associate Director and Architect, Andrew Walters, is a certified Passivhaus Designer, which has developed our understanding of energy efficiency in sustainable buildings further. Passivhaus buildings are created to exacting energy efficient design standards, which mean that they sustain an almost constant temperature and therefore do not require much heating or cooling.

The Passivhaus principles of air-tightness and insulation can be seen across all our projects, and its standards aligns with our commitment to the RIBA Climate Challenge to reduce energy demand, embodied carbon and potable water use by 2030.

Eco build and retrofit

From large scale developments to one-off luxury homes, our eco-build experts have knowledge of the technologies that help our clients achieve the highest levels of sustainable living.

We also advise on improving the environmental performance of existing buildings through eco-retrofit projects. This could include, upgrading heating and lighting systems, or improving the building fabric.

Our design approach

Centred around the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes, our design approach focuses on 8 key themes, covering environmental, social, and economic sustainability:

  • Good Health & Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Land Use and Ecology
  • Sustainable Communities and Social Value
  • Sustainable Connectivity and Transport
  • Sustainable Life Cycle Cost
  • Retrofit
  • Net Zero Operational Carbon
  • Net Zero Embodied Carbon

Sustainable Building Design services we offer:

  • Passivhaus Design
  • U-value calculation and Measurement
  • Existing Building Performance Measurement
  • Modelling and Analysis
  • Interpretation and Analysis of SAP 2012 EPC Data
  • Strategy for Efficiency Improvements and responsible path towards Carbon Neutrality
  • Guide to monitoring and maintaining your property to safeguard your building for the future