Development Viability 

Our team has extensive knowledge of local planning authorities and development plans, and a wealth of experience in preparing and submitting Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent Applications.

Through our extensive planning knowledge, we take projects from the first steps of a feasibility study, through to pre-application advice, the application itself, and then discharging conditions before and during on-site works.

We advise clients on the viability of a proposed development and negotiate with local authority planners on their behalf.

Planning advice and strategy

We work with clients to firstly understand whether a proposal will require Planning Permission, and if so, to devise a strategy for gaining consent. This involves using our broad knowledge of national and local planning policies to inform development design, site layout, and other design features that help overcome potential areas of concern from planning officers, councillors, and members of the local community.

In the formative stages, we undertake a Planning Policy Appraisal, to understand which Planning Policies are likely to support the proposal. It’s also important to understand at an early stage which technical reports may be required to accompany an eventual Planning Application, to meet the validation requirements of the Local Planning Authority.

Our team has vast experience in carrying out Public Consultation and Engagement Events to support Planning Applications, often in cases of complicated or high-profile projects. This includes communicating directly with members of the public and presenting proposals to key local stakeholders. We are able to use our relationships with developers and housebuilders to market these sites and achieve a successful land sale on behalf of clients.

We also prepare technical reports related to Architecture, Construction, and Design. For a report where specialist support is needed, we are well-placed to brief and co-ordinate third party consultants.

Planning Applications

Most developments will require a Planning Application. Whether it’s an outline or full planning application, we are able to act as lead consultant for the proposed development, submitting the planning application on your behalf and acting for you in all negotiations and proceedings. We are well versed in understanding which type of permission is needed and what options are open to you.

Once a Planning Application has been validated, we can monitor the Local Planning Authority website to note and respond to any third-party comments. We can also liaise with the Planning Officer and attend site visits to clarify design intention and site complexities.

Not every development will require Planning Permission, but most certainly will. We regularly submit Full, Outline and Householder Applications to Local Planning Authorities. Some projects may benefit from Permitted Development rights, where we have a comprehensive understanding of such cases, we can assist by making a Certificate of Lawful Development to the Local Planning Authority to confirm that Planning Permission is not required.

We can also advise businesses and individuals on planning applications for a change of use, for example in applying for permission to operate a retail premises. We have made a series of successful Prior Approval Planning Applications; most notably for Class Q (Agricultural to Residential), Class R (Agricultural to Commercial), and Class MA (named Commercial Premises to Residential Use) for our clients.

HPA benefit from an in-house Heritage Consultant who is experienced in guiding proposals and submitting Listed Building Consent Applications. For ecclesiastical clients, we also have extensive knowledge of the Church of England Faculty System; and we are familiar with preparing and submitting List A, List B and Full Faculty Applications on behalf of churches.

Post Application

Once the Planning Application has been approved, we are able to assist by negotiating and making formal Discharge of Conditions applications to the Local Planning Authority. We can also follow up applications to agree amendments to the proposals or to vary or remove Planning Conditions.

In the unfortunate situation where an application may be refused, we are able to advise and assist our clients in either making a Planning Resubmission to the Local Planning Authority, or even by lodging an Appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.